HelicalRose Design offers three levels of services to enable you to utilise the benefits of our interior design expertise.  Our three tiers  build on each other and start with a general overview of the style and approach you are wanting to take in your home. Next we build on that to create plans that give you specific guidance to changing the chosen space.  Finally you can bring us on board to provide a project management service:  including detailed designs, schemes of materials needed, specifications for joinery work, commissioning of renovation work, and assistance in purchasing items to complete the design.

If you opt for the second or third tier we will incorporate the first tier as part of the overall service.  We have named them: Reflect your style, Create your space and Balance your life.

Reflect your style

Reflect your style means understanding what the home experience means for you.  It is the first phase of understanding how your home works for you and what changes would help you to achieve a more positive sense of place and wellbeing in your home.  We believe it is important to both understand and empathise with your… Continue reading Reflect your style

Create your space

At this point in the design process we take the insight gained from completing the Reflection Board and focus on specific rooms or spaces in the home that require changes.  The second tier of our services is about “Creating your Space”. We do that by designing a plan for the space/s you want us to work on.… Continue reading Create your space

Balance your life

We believe that how spaces are designed is an important part of liberating your senses and therefore, liberating your life.  “Balance your Life” is the most bespoke part of our services and involves us project managing the changes to your home.  In our view the “Hygge” or feeling of wellness that is achieved from the design… Continue reading Balance your life