Create your space

At this point in the design process we take the insight gained from completing the Reflection Board and focus on specific rooms or spaces in the home that require changes.  The second tier of our services is about “Creating your Space”.

We do that by designing a plan for the space/s you want us to work on.  We choose between 3D, 2D plans or use of a photo of space to enable us to work out furniture placement, lighting and colour recommendations.  We build on the visual and textual elements identified in the Reflection Board and answer questions about what are the right kinds of materials, fabrics and furniture will work in the space. The objectives is to use this design work as a tool for enhancing your experience of the room and space.  We can widen the brief to include other spaces and rooms as required.

After completing the second tier of our services there will be enough insight on the changes needed to your home to do renovations yourself or alternatively you can proceed to tier 3 “balance your life” and engage us to assist you with completing the project.