Reflect your style

Reflect your style means understanding what the home experience means for you.  It is the first phase of understanding how your home works for you and what changes would help you to achieve a more positive sense of place and wellbeing in your home.  We believe it is important to both understand and empathise with your experience of the home as it currently works before starting a process of change.

We also believe it is important to engage all the senses in a place including: visual, touch and smell.  For this reason we would start by producing a Reflection Board for you.  This will have both visual and textual elements to it and tell a story  that reflects your style and preferences in respect of function, form, colour and texture in your home.  The design process will give you an overview of key design considerations that you would want to think about in changing the spaces in your home.

OB-Living Room Jo Vivian